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Pixel Fleet apk download 1.0.1 free full Android cracked

Pixel Fleet apk download 1.0.1 full free kostenlos Android cracked

Download  Pixel Fleet apk heute gratis.
Bei uns bekommt ihr die qualitativ hochwertige App Pixel Fleet kostenlos.

Dabei handelt es sich um die full Version und nicht um eine free Version.

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Appname: Pixel Fleet
2.1 oder höher Appversion: 1.0.1
Kategorie: Personalisierung Größe: 2,1 Mb



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Watch ships from Earth, the Gliese 581 star system, and the Epsilon Eridani star system battle for survival in space on your device! Can be used as either a Live Wallpaper or Daydream.

- 6 ships, 2 from each faction, each with unique properties and behavior
- Different dynamic backgrounds generated for each simulation with planets, asteroids, asteroid belts, moons, in-system stars, and space dust
- Keep score! See which faction is winning the war.
- Many settings available to customize your experience.
- Take control of a ship's fate by double-tapping to destroy it.
- Stats to track behavior of each faction.
- Daydream support for devices with Android 4.2+

Powered by libGDX with OpenGL ES 2.0


Neue Funktionen

Added toggle for ability to double tap and destroy ships

Added option to clear scores only in Stats screen

Balancing changes

- Nerfed Epsilon Eridani

- Buffed Earth and Gliese 581



Pixel Fleet apk download 1.0.1 full free kostenlos Android cracked


Pixel Fleet 96%1392 votes.

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