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Free Download Delta-V Racing v0.5.9 Apk

Game View;
Snake your way through the galaxy's finest race tracks, and charge to victory in some of the coolest ships known to man. Quick thinking and faster reactions are the order of the day. Race tactically; throw off homing missiles with decoy mines or risk the tight fast route to pull a chain-boosted lead then claim your victory from the tournament BOSS as you take him out with a Laser blast…

Can you take your place at the top podium on every event and become a true Delta-V Legend?

  • Race against friend's Ghosts in all 36 events – watch them crash and burn! 
  • 4 tournaments split across 36 events, all with multiple routes to victory. 
  • 7 distinct event types including Race, Elimination, Collector, Time Trials... 
  • 8 awesome offensive and defensive power ups (Cannon, Spread, Laser, Mine, Missiles, Force Field, Boost, Phase Shift. 
  • Work your way through 8 unique ships, each with different performance, defence, and loadout capabilities. 
  • Advanced AI that is just waiting for you to slip up. 
  •  Precise controls that have been designed from the ground up for touch screens. 
  • A totally original, thumping soundtrack by (UK Industrial Breakbeat legend) DeathBoy. 
  • Game Center achievements and leaderboards. 
  • Cloud saving. Uses your Google+ ID to keep your progress across multiple devices. 
  • Get that quick adrenaline fix or settle in for a full-on, nerve fraying session. 
  • High definition graphics for Nexus 10
Delta-V Racing v0.5.9 Apk Full
Size: 45  MB
Required android: 2.2 and up
1. Download all files below
2. Install APK
3. Launch the Game
 Download Delta-V Racing v0.5.9 Android
Download Direct Link   here
Download Play Link: Here

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