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Free Download Blastron v1.0.1 Apk

Game View;

Blastron "is an action game where you have a robot armed and ready to start the war. Are you ready? I do not bomb people, who will fry me! Welcome to the wonderful world of bomb soldiers, there is the universe's most Madden robot - blasting robot contest! Here you can explore the opponent ripping off thousands of ways while collecting attractive booty, upgrade and retrofit your robot ... we are not mentioned, you can also put other robots blasted into a pile of scrap metal? ! Cool collection of various highly destructive weapons, expand your arsenal, upgrade various parts of the robot dedicated to improve your skill level. In this world, I do not bomb people, who will fry me, ready to start bombing now!

Game Features;
  • In the fast-paced rounds of in-line fighting bloody battles, trying to climb Bomb Hall of Fame ranking of the top fighters.
  • Collection and use of various weapons and unlock gain crush your opponent, the impact of maximum score.
  • Upgrade your robot parts to create thousands of unique robots blasting configuration.
  • Use your platform skills to get a lot of clever epic loot - by collecting weapons, the use of props and knockouts accumulated score, immediate concern the way top of the charts.
  • In the campaign mode to play, try to win the Bomb Suit titles, unlock multiplayer game mode can be used in new weapons and robots.
Blastron v1.0.1 Apk
Size: 52  MB
Required android:2.3  and up
1. Download all files below
2. Install APK
3. copy 'com.crescentmoongames.ravensword2' folder to 'sdcard/Android/obb'
4. Launch the Game
 Download Blastron v1.0.1 Android
Download Direct Link   here
Download Play Link: Here

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