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Windows8, Windows 8 +Launcher v1.5.2 – Android (APK File)

Windows8, Windows 8 +Launcher v1.5.2 – Android (APK File)


Description :
- Live tiles for gmail, news, weather, twitter, calendar , etc with many configuration options
- Drag and drop tile groups to re order, change the position of tiles.
- Change icon, tile icon size using menu icon size
- Select the preferred country for news using menu  prefs  news country and for stock market using menu  prefs  stock market
- Power control widget to on, off wifi, airplan mode, bluetooth, ring mode, screen brightness, etc.
- Click on icon, tile will bring up launch he associated app, this application will try to associate most common applications like dialer, messsage, google play, etc if you are clicking first time and no application is associated then list of all installed apps will be opened and you can associate any app of your wish to this tile.
- Long click on icon, tile to change the color, icon, application associated to tile. Following 3 options are available, n  associate app change the launching app while keeping the same icon on home screen., n  change color change background color of tile.n  change app change the launching app and icon will be replaced with app default icon on home screen.
- Additional icons, tiles style which can be customized as per your need. Add, remove tiles from menu  tiles
- Weather service  based on your current location, local weather details are available.
- Stock market updates select your preferred stock market using menu  misc  stock market

What's In This Version : (Updated : Jun 11, 2013)
- Performance improvements and fixes for frequent restart
- More tile colorsn-fixed icon size for portrait layout
- Pin contact to any tile for quick and easy access.
- Removed video and brightness button due to the defects with many phone, tablet models

Required Android OS : 2.2+

Download :
http://www.filesbowl.com/1TKy/Windows8,-Windows-8-+Launcher-v1.5.2-( ).apk

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