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Electrum Drum Machine, Sampler v4.7.4 – Android (APK File)

Electrum Drum Machine, Sampler v4.7.4 – Android (APK File)


Description :
- Electrum drum machine, sampler. Pattern based music composition.
- Programmable drum machine.
- Get free sound paks from the market or from my website.

Features :
- Wav file import  load your own samples from sdcard. Long press a sound button to bring up the sample loading dialog.
- Use my sonic chop app sold separate to chop samples from mp3 on your device and load them right into electrum.
- Use samples and loops to make beats and songs.
- Preview samples live while the machine is playing, they will mix right into the beat.
- Real time playback and editing  no waiting for sound to render before you hear your changes.
- Look at the menu for more options such as ability to save and load your own custom drumkits once you have loaded the sounds you like unto the pads and adjusted them you can save the settings as a drumkit, separate from the patch itself.
- Record samples with the microphone.
- Stretch loops to fit the current project bpm.
- Edit a sample start and end point, pitch and pan left, right.
- Use other time signatures such as 3, 4, 6 ,8, etc.
- Add some swing to your beats with the shuffle setting.
- Add delay and distortion fx to your samples
- Sample accurate playback engine.
- Wav, midi, pad export load your song into fruityloops.
- Sharing install the soundcloud app from the market and you can share beats right to soundcloud.
- Electrum has 8 sounds and you can program up to 32 patterns. A full sequencer allows you to string the patterns together into songs or longer beats. You can also play patterns  live, switching them as the machine is playing.
- For multitouch devices, electrum has a multitouch pad dialog as well  see menu play multitouch pads  where you can play just like an mpc by hitting the pads.

What's In This Version : (Updated : Jun 11, 2013)
- Mute groups have been added, see mute grp button in sample setting dialog
- Electrum can now be controlled by other apps using broadcast messages.
- Com.androidinstrument.drum.startplayback broadcast message will start the drum machine playing.
- Com.androidinstrument.drum.stopplayback will stop playback
- Com.androidinstrument.drum.setbpmexternal with a float bpm value in the extras with the key name "bpmval" will cause electrum to change it's bpm to the broadcast bpm value.

Required android o/s : 1.5+

Download :
http://www.filesbowl.com/1TKx/Electrum-Drum-Machine-Sampler-v4.7.4-( ).apk

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