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Clean Music Player 4.3.0 Apk Download

Clean Music Player 4.3.0 Apk Download


Clean Music Player 4.3.0 Apk Download

Existing Version: 4.3.0

Needs Android: Varies with device

Category: Songs & Audio

v4.3.0 modify:


• Album artwork (professional adaptation).

• Gapless playback.

• Misc bug fixes.


Clean Music Player 4.3.0 Apk Download  is the easy, fast, and elegant folder player. One search in order to the directory as well as faucet it; no scrolling thru their large profile of awesome Renaissance man Unknown, no scanning the folder every start up, and no CD or perhaps folder icon, tiled more than and over again in order to meaninglessness.

Simple doesn't suggest basic; Clean Music does what you want, as well as absolutely nothing you don't.

• Faucet one track to try out it and their remainder of tracks in its directory.

• Long-press a track or perhaps directory to try out individual tracks, entire directory trees, or perhaps the mix of each.

• Long-press in order to organize the directory structure, also.

• Use MetaSort if the register names don't own track numbers inside consumers.

• Hit duplicate if one don't need it to stop once it's complete performing the directory, tree, or perhaps person track.

• Integrates using the equalizers inside Cyanogenmod Stable as well as Android ICS.

☆ Cleanse Music Apk is ad free!

• In spite of the name, Clean Music will play any audio file supported by the mobile, still when it's not actually music. Consider Position is particularly nice for the audiobooks.

• Clean songs possesses rest timer.


Professional adaptation just: go in to Settings to buy that it.

• Create playlists from web directories or perhaps by selecting songs.

• Use ScrobbleDroid in order to report the favorites on


Frequently requested concerns

Q: How do I duplicate someone track?

A: Long-press the song, as well as strike the perform button. Subsequently turn duplicate on in

the menu.

Q: The Reason Why doesn't Clean Music support Format X. WinAMP/PowerAmp/TTPod. Player Y supports it!

A: Clean songs relies in the put of formats supported by the phone, while the listed players ship their own decoders. That's 1 reason they are a great deal larger.

Q: the reason why doesn't Clean Music's equalizer work? Player Y's does!

A: Same because question 1; they ship their own decoders as well as could change their audio stream directly, although cleanse songs relies on the phone's decoder and equalizer (or fails because there isn't 1).

Q: Why don't MetaSort, Equalizer, or Remember place reveal up in the menu?

A: To reduce mess as well as keep their consumer interface cleanse, we hide advanced functions through standard. To show consumers, use Settings -> Show/conceal menu buttons.

Q: the reason why is actually there a new permission?

A: Essential for Galaxy S3. It loves in order to visit sleep. It doesn't affect something else.


like: TinyPlayer, Folder Player, MortPlayer Audiobooks

tags: folder, directory, file, podcast, webcast, audiobook, little, player, music

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