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Notif Pro 0.7 Apk Download

Notif Pro 0.7 Apk Download


Notif Pro 0.7 Apk Download


The Pro variation for your favorite custom notes creator!
Notif is an application built for Jelly Bean that enables you to create rich notifications for reminders, passwords, listings, photographs, or anything else you d prefer to put upwards there that you can think of!

There are 4 kinds of notifications that you can create:
Default, which simply holds a title and additionally one brand of content
Big Text, that holds a title, one extended title, and also several lines of content
Big Mental picture, which has a title, any expanded title, a a little bit of content, and also some kind of image to take or perhaps collect from your space
List, that you simply can put in a title, up to 7 items, an overview, along with a reduced one-line of content
For each of the notifications, you can easily choose which will make them ongoing, so they obtained t be cleared by accident. To evident any sort of ongoing notifications from this app, click the flags icon within the Action Bar inside the top ideal.

Notif Pro features include:
Each of the 200 custom icons!
Plenty more to come
Notif is an application built for Jelly Bean that enables you to create prosperous notifications for reminders, passwords, records, pictures, or anything else an individual d choose to put upwards there to think of!
Just what s in the version: (Updated on top of : Jun 16, 2012)
Possibility to toggle notification action buttons
Up-to-date icon
Reboot factor eventually solved!!
Note that solely text and additionally list notifications can persist via a reboot
Reduced content of list now shows list items
Improved touch managing in History (tapping a strong item acquired t accidentally swipe it away)

Requires Android: 4.1 and also up

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