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Animated Widget Contact Pro 1.7 Apk Download

Animated Widget Contact Pro 1.7 Apk Download

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Animated Widget Contact Pro 1.7 Apk Download


Bundle of Contact, Contact Group, Apps Launcher Widgets.
Contact, Group Contact widgets performances image of the contact(s), have quick (speed) dial, fast SMS, chat and additionally email options.
App Launcer widget performances chosen by you apps at one icon, so you can group your apps for example: Games, Office, and others.
Professional variation does not have any restrictions upon widgets count.
Animated fast dial widget greatly facilitates such jobs as dialing frequent or favorite contacts, sending SMS, MMS or e-mailing. Call the contacts in 2 taps.
The consumers actions are followed by customizable video effects, that are absolutely realistic and additionally strikingly breathtaking.
Favorite apps launcher. You can easily put in some frequently utilized apps to group widget and also start those apps in 2 clicks. An individual can Salvage area in your home screen.
Group items depending on to labels and additionally create completely customizable folders and widgets. You are able to organize the apps.
Exactly what s in this version:
Changes in Animated Widget 1.7:
- API 17 can be used, menu switch is replaced by action bar.
- chance to customize shortcut title, skin, manuskript color selection and skin colors.
- automotive colors for without a girlfriend contacts
- subcontacts inherites characteristics of parent group contact.
- help of native videocalls
- support of Viber 3, doesn't help Viber 2 any longer
- a couple of text styles: shadow (old) and outlined (new)
- filters in ther list of applications and also bookmarks
- holo theme is used under Android 4

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