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XPrivacy v1.5 PRO Unlocked APK

XPrivacy v1.5 PRO Unlocked APK

XPrivacy can prevent applications (including associated background services and content providers) from leaking privacy sensitive data. XPrivacy can restrict the categories of data an application can access. This is done by feeding an application with no or fake data. There are several data categories which can be restricted, for example contacts or location. For example, if you restrict access to contacts for an application, this will result in sending an empty contact list to the application, when it requests access to your contacts. Similarly, restricting an application's access to your location will result in a random or set location being sent to the application.

Minimum Requirements: Android 4.0+ (ICS) or 4.1+ (JellyBean), check with System Settings > About phone > Android version
Price: $3.85
Release Note: Pro features unlocked
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XPrivacy doesn't revoke (i.e. block) permissions from an application, which means that most applications will continue to work as before and won't force close. There are two exceptions to this, access to the internet and to external storage (typically an SD card) is restricted by denying access (revoking permissions). There is no other way to realize this, since these permissions are handled by Android in a special way. Android delegates handling of these permission to the underlying Linux network/file system.

If restricting a category of data for an application results in problems for the application, it is possible to allow access to the data category again to solve the issue.

By default, all newly installed applications will have no access to any data category at all, to prevent a new application from leaking sensitive data right after installation. Shortly after installing a new application, XPrivacy will ask which data categories you want the new application to have access to. XPrivacy comes with an application browser, which allows you to quickly enable or disable applications' access to a particular data category (i.e. to view and control all access to the camera, for example). It is also possible to edit all data categories for one application.

To help you identify potential data leaks, XPrivacy will monitor attempts made by all applications to access sensitive data. XPrivacy will display a yellow triangle icon as soon as data of a data category has been used. XPrivacy will also display if an application has internet access, indicating that the application poses a risk of sharing the data it obtains with an external server. This is just a guideline, since an application could access the internet through other applications too. If an application has requested Android permissions to access data in a data category, this will be displayed with a green tick icon, but this will only be shown when looking at an individual application, since checking permissions for all applications is quite slow.

XPrivacy is built using the Xposed framework. XPrivacy taps into a number of selected functions of Android through the Xposed framework. Depending on the function, XPrivacy conditionally skips execution of the original function (for example when an application tries to set a proximity alert) or alters the result of the original function (for example to return empty calendar data).

XPrivacy has been tested with CyanogenMod 10 and 10.1 (Android 4.1 and 4.2), and will most likely work with any Android version 4.1 or 4.2 variant, including stock ROMs. Root access is needed to install the Xposed framework. Because of a bug in the Xposed framework, XPrivacy currently needs a fixed Xposed binary, which is provided as download for both Android version 4.1 and 4.2.

XPrivacy Features
Simple to use
No need to patch anything (no source, no smali or anything else)
For any (stock) variant of Android version 4.1 or 4.2 (JellyBean)
Newly installed applications are restricted by default
Displays data actually used by an application
Free and open source

XPrivacy Restrictions
For easy usage, data is restricted by category:

  • Accounts
    • return an empty account list
    • return fake account info
    • return empty authorization tokens
  • Boot
    • prevent applications to start during device startup
  • Browser
    • return an empty bookmark list
    • return empty search history
  • Calendar
  • Calling
    • prevent calls from being placed
    • prevent SMS messages from being sent
    • prevent MMS messages from being sent
    • prevent data messages from being sent
  • Contacts
    • return an empty contact list
  • Dictionary
    • return an empty user dictionary
  • Identification
    • return a fake Android ID
    • return a fake device serial number
  • Internet
    • revoke access to the internet
  • Location
    • return a random or set location
    • return empty cell location
    • return an empty list of (neighboring) cell info
    • prevents proximity alerts from being set
    • prevents sending NMEA data to an application
    • prevent phone state from being sent to an application
      • Cell info changed
      • Cell location changed
    • prevent sending extra commands (aGPS data)
  • Media
    • prevent recording audio (including from the microphone)
    • prevent taking pictures
    • prevent recording video
    • you will be notified if an application tries to perform any of these actions
  • Messages
    • return an empty SMS/MMS message list
    • return an empty list of SMS messages stored on the SIM (ICC SMS)
    • return an empty list of voicemails
  • Network
    • return fake IP's
    • return fake MAC's (network, Wi-Fi, bluetooth)
    • return fake BSSID/SSID
    • return an empty list of Wi-Fi scan results
    • return an empty list of configured Wi-Fi networks
    • return an empty list of bluetooth devices
  • NFC
    • prevent receiving NDEF discovered
    • prevent receiving TAG discovered
    • prevent receiving TECH discovered
  • Phone:
    • return a fake own/in/outgoing/voicemail number
    • return a fake subscriber ID
    • return a fake phone device ID
    • return a fake ISIM/ISIM domain
    • return a fake IMPI/IMPU
    • return a fake MSISDN
    • return fake mobile network info (country, operator/name)
    • return fake SIM info (serial number, country, operator/name)
    • return empty APN list
    • return no currently used APN
    • return an empty call log
    • return an empty list of voicemail messages
    • prevent phone state from being sent to an application
      • Call forwarding indication
      • Call state changed (ringing, off-hook)
      • Mobile data connection state change / being used
      • Message waiting indication
      • Service state changed (service/no service)
      • Signal level changed
  • Storage
    • revoke permission to the internal storage (media)
    • revoke permission to the external storage (SD card)
  • Shell
    • Linux shell
    • Superuser shell
    • Load/library
  • System
    • return an empty list of installed applications
  • View
    • prevent links from opening in the browser
    • you will be notified if an application tries to open a link

XPrivacy Limitations
Android can be restricted, but there will be no usage data available (orange triangles)

XPrivacy Installation
It seems like a lot of steps, but it is done in no time:

  1. Requirement: Android 4.0+ (ICS) or 4.1+ (JellyBean), check with System Settings > About phone > Android version
  2. Make a backup
  3. If not done already: root your device; the procedure depends on the brand and model of your device
  4. Enable System settings > Security > Unknown sources
  5. Install the Xposed framework
    • Be sure to follow all installation steps
    • Be sure to install the latest version 2.1.4
    • Download and copy the Xposed disabler to your SD card to disable Xposed in case of troubles
    • MIUI is not supported by Xposed
  6. Enable XPrivacy from the Xposed installer
  7. Reboot into recovery
  8. Flash the Xposed fix for your Android version from here
    • Android ICS 4.0.x / CM9: Xposed_fix_4.0.zip
    • Android JB 4.1.x / CM10: Xposed_fix_4.1.zip
    • Android JB 4.2.x / CM10.1: Xposed_fix_4.2.zip
    • This fix is only for Xposed version 2.1.4
    • Alternatively download from here
  9. Reboot

What's New in this version:
User interface improvements
Performance improvements
More generic matching of system properties
Move categories internet, storage and system to expert mode (issue, issue)
Setting to filter system applications (issue)
Option to set a template for new applications / application all menu (issue)
New colored icon set, thanks @Looki75 (issue)
Menu to select allowed contacts for an application (issue)
Increase length of ICCID to 20 digits (issue)
Filter categories by permission in the details view (issue)
Fixed checking for E-mail permission
Fixed restricting recording in some situations (issue)
Fixed navigation of application detailed view (issue)
Fixed clearing export/import done notification
Added Danish translation
Updated Hungarian translation
Updated Japanese translation
Update Norwegian translation
Updated Simplified Chinese translation
Updated Slovak translation
Updated Turkish translation

XPrivacy PRO Screenshots:

XPrivacy was a lot of work, so please support this project

if you enjoy this XPrivacy application please consider buying the original pro version from market to support the development

Download XPrivacy v1.5 PRO Unlocked APK


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