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Free Download Undead Swarm 2 v1.0 Apk

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They have no fear or mercy, and they are MANY! Your training has finished and you are geared up to the teeth and let loose among them all. Will you survive for two minutes in the middle of the worst zombie hell? Take out as many as you can, because your job is to serve and protect the innocent!

Undead Swarm 2 is an action packed third person zombie shooter, in which you're in control of highly trained US military soldier. To walk touch the left half of the screen, and to look and turn touch the right half. To inflict damage, use the rifle by touching the bullet control, or throw a grenade with the grenade control. Each round the zombies are getting stronger and stronger. Be careful not to get killed, because you're the last resort to the swarmed city, and it will be NUKED if you fail!
 Download Undead Swarm 2 v1.0 Android
Undead Swarm 2 v1.0 Apk
Size: 48 MB
Required android: 2.3 and up
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