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Scientific 7 Min Workout Pro apk download 1.3 free full Android cracked

Scientific 7 Min Workout Pro apk download 1.3 full free kostenlos Android cracked

Scientific 7 Min Workout ProDownload  Scientific 7 Min Workout Pro apk heute gratis.
Bei uns bekommt ihr die qualitativ hochwertige App Scientific 7 Min Workout Pro kostenlos.

Dabei handelt es sich um die full Version und nicht um eine free Version.

Die Apk Datei zum Download  und die falls notwendigen Daten findet ihr unten im Artikel. 

Appname: Scientific 7 Min Workout Pro
2.2 oder höher Appversion: 1.3
Kategorie: Gesundheit & Fitness Größe: 5,0 Mb


*Now only \$0.99 for the first 2 weeks on Google Play*

Scientific 7 Minute Workout is the newest and most-advanced HICT (High-Intensity Circuit Training) app for Android! High-Intensity Circuit Training workouts are aimed at:

1) Burn the most fat in the least amount of time (it isn't called high-intensity for nothing)
2) Reducing the amount of time you workout to accommodate busy schedules
3) Uses bodyweight as resistance, meaning no equipment is required other than a chair

★Scientific 7 Minute Workout Pro is currently:★
• All apps → #3 in Top New Paid Apps
• Health and Fitness category → #1 in Top New Paid Apps
• Health and Fitness category → #1 in Top New Free Apps (Free version)
• Health and Fitness category → #2 in Top Paid Apps

Scientific 7-minute Workout Pro features the following:

Pro Features:
✓ Complete Workout Log, showing you what days you have completed the workout and how many times
✓ Voice commands, telling you when to break and when to start which exercise; useful for if you don't want to look at your phone/tablet while working out

As well as:
✓ Set how long you want the breaks to be; with 5 second breaks at default, the overall exercise is exactly 6 mins 55 seconds (12 30-second exercises and 11 breaks), this can be increased or decreased
✓ Flat UI design, showing all completed exercises above the current exercise, and upcoming exercises directly below it
✓ Option to go back or skip forward to different exercises during the workout by scrolling up and down during the workout and tapping the exercise you want to go to
✓ 2 progress bars, one for the current 30-second exercise and one for the overall 6-minutes of working out (remember, what makes it a 7 minute workout is the breaks in between)
✓ Ability to pause during workout

Notice that if you read the science article, it recommends the workout to be completed 2-3 times. This means it is understandable to start out at doing the workout one time through, but eventually you want to move up to at least 2 times through to maximize the effectiveness of the workout.

Article that the workout is based on:


Neue Funktionen

Neue Funktionen in dieser Version:

• Updated pictures
• Updated voice commands, now calling out upcoming exercise after the break as well as when the current exercise is almost complete
• New settings


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Scientific 7 Min Workout Pro apk download 1.3 full free kostenlos Android cracked


Scientific 7 Min Workout Pro 93%1102 votes.

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