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SandroProxy 1.4.76

  • ★ Root NOT needed ★

    Why would you use it:
    - behind corporate firewall/proxy, needing to connect to squid, isa/forefront proxy with authentication
    Or use Drony:


    - developer to examine http traffic, with embedded chrome devtools that can be used as ide

    - security analyst examining how apps communicate with servers

    Capture, intercept, analyze, modify, replay http requests, websockets.
    Can connect to another proxy (Basic, Digest, NTLM auth support). For example Orbot.
    Can act as pass-through proxy, traffic is not stored, ssl tunnel remains the same to server.
    Proxy can also acts as SSL man-in-the-middle.
    It generates sites certificates on the fly.
    Issuer is named UNTRUSTED.
    Based on WebScarab.
    For transparent proxy, superuser/su/iptables are needed.
    There is gui for application redirection to transparent proxy.
    Can act as Web server to access captured data.
    Using Chrome Developer Tools remote web gui for display data.
    Chrome devtools tab for device connections like TcpView from Sysinternals.

    If you would like some new feature in it, send request to


    Example of usage:
    Use stock browser and change that wi-fi uses proxy on localhost:8008
    Check log tab for proxy activity, data tab for request/response content

    there are ads on log tab and Google Analytics events on switching tabs
    sorry for that
    If you feel uncomfortable about this,
    send mail and version without this will be build for you.

    Screenshots of SandroProxy 1.4.76 Android app
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