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Order & Chaos Online 2.1.0

Join thousands of players and experience the best MMORPG experience on Android: Team up with your friends to take on quests and explore our vast fantasy world, achieve heroic feats and lead your guild to the top of the multiplayer leaderboard.

Requires Android: 2.2 and up

� Use the advanced character creation system to customize your heroic avatar, in true MMORPG fashion.
� 5 classic fantasy races available: Elves and Humans fight for Order; Orcs and Undead for Chaos, while our newly added Mendels are neutral. You can have no less than 4 different characters in our game.
� Choose your gender, appearance, class and talents. With over 1,000 skills and 2,000 pieces of equipment to assist you through your quest, your game will not be over soon.

� Explore the world of Haradon solo, or unleash the true multiplayer game experience: Make friends or enemies, trade, duel, communicate and more. A wide range of interactions makes each player a living part of this fantasy universe.
� Join a party or guild to become stronger and coordinate with your teammates to overcome the most challenging part of MMO games: our Legendary dungeons.
� Take part in epic multiplayer fights and try to lead your guild to the very top of Haradon.

� Travel through the most majestic settings of this deep fantasy world — from dark forests to deserts, jungles, mountains and more — on foot or by magical means.
� Talk and interact with hundreds of characters to find over 1,200 quests to perform.

Join the best mobile MMORPG, and enter the legend now!

For fans of MMO games, Role-Playing games, Multiplayer games and Heroic Fantasy games.

What's New in this version:
➳ Two new playable regions: Under Realm and Frostlund
➳ Increased level cap: now you can reach level 70
➳ Battle against our new mechanical monsters and bosses. Twice the terror with two Dungeons in the Under Realm.
➳ New players can now log in using their Facebook account
➳ New User Interface
➳ Weekly world bosses and regional events
➳ Don�t want to wait for your friends before entering a Dungeon? You can now team up for dungeons faster than ever.

Gameplay Screenshots:

Download Order & Chaos Online 2.1.0 Android


Install Instruction
- Extract
- Install APK
- Copy "com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftMMHM" folder to sdcard (Internal Storage) '/Android/obb'
- Launch the Game

If you need only APK, download from here http://ul.to/1vsb1yta

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