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Free Download White & The Golden Sword v.1.3 Apk

Game View;
White & The Golden Sword "is produced by the Copra Studios released a cross-action pass game, the game changed the horizontal version of the same type invented a game character set that will lead into a group of small clouds (the protagonist's name is called white, name and styling really pun), to bring players a new experience. Small hand-held gold sword warrior white clouds began to world peace crusade against darkness devil's journey.

Game does not overly complex plot set, bring gold sword as a weapon to use his special abilities can bring three kinds of forces Kanfan enemies along the way. Operational control in accordance with the direction of the classic left and right control attacks and jumping, players can quickly get started. The enemy AI is not set weak, different types of enemies have their own different abilities. Specific gameplay in the game, a bit like 2D horizontal version of puzzle games through, because in addition to destroying the enemy, the game begins there are hurdles to require players to unlock various organs reach the end of the set.
 Download White & The Golden Sword v.1.3 Android
White & The Golden Sword v.1.3 Apk Full Version
Size: 16  MB
Required android: 2.3 and up
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