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Free Download Peacekeeper v1.0 Apk

Game View;
PeaceKeeper "is a shooting game. When the enemy is to the door, you have little choice? Thousands of vicious enemies are preparing to destroy the city. As a Peacekeeper, is your responsibility to stop them. Methods? ? What methods are available. In your trenches suppress enemy fire, then unleash your firepower to defend your position. Do not be defeated ... otherwise we are lost now! Win enemies and earn some money, then upgrade your equipment to a strong counterattack. Develop your arsenal and build reputation, it is important to maintain peace ...... at all costs!

Game Features;

  •     Endless waves of attacks, stop fighting.
  •     A large arsenal and armory
  •     Increases attack power to unlock special skills
  •     Joint random forces attacked
  •     First-class graphic design
  •     Devil epic battle!
 Download Peacekeeper v1.0 Android
Peacekeeper v1.0 Apk
Size: 29  MB
Required android: 2.2 and up
Source Link: Here
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