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Free Download Lemegeton Master Edition v3.03 Apk + Data

Game View;
Lemegeton Master Full Version "is an excellent action game. Protagonist of the story the Shabi Ou belongs to a mysterious organization "St. add to security." To hunt betrayal organizations He Cadogan came to Italian ghost town Keao Ke. In the hunt for a traitor at the same time, even Keao Ke the monster attacks Shabi Ou. In the second chapter, the Shabi Ou decided to split back of Keao Ke Revlon Just make sure the escape route if at any time you can leave, told Shabi Ou together, go back, and I hope to continue to study the world of the devil. Shabi Ou wanted to find out he Cadogan and Dawn, and about the whole thing.

  •     Raymond Gayton second chapter of the new plot
  •     Two-player characters
  •     7 area waiting to be explored
  •     More than 30 devil you challenge
  •     Skills up to more than 30
  •     Weapons and equipment upgrades
  •     New story
  •     Immediately available player character Dawn
  •     No built-paid items, no ad banners
  •     Re-adjust the gaming experience
 Download Lemegeton Master Edition v3.03 android
Lemegeton Master Edition v3.03 Apk + Data
Size: 250  MB
Required android: 2.3 and up
  • Download all files below
  • Install apk
  • Put data on Sdcard\android\obb\here
  • Play the game

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