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Free Download Galaxy On Fire 2 v.1.0.3 Apk

Game View;
Galaxy on Fire 2 is a excellent picture space flight shooting game masterpiece, too space of life and death guard the interests of the offensive and defensive, playability is very strong.

Background story]

T. Maxwell is an experienced last time the Galaxy mercenary hero of the war. After the end of the last World War, T. Maxwell continue his mercenaries career, unfortunately in a task, his spacecraft failure encountered in space and time. After this time jump, T. Maxwell caught sleeping. 35 years later, when T. Maxwell again woke up, he found himself no longer among the original galaxies. In this strange galaxy, there are four different races, and the four racial peace is relying on the galaxy's diplomats efforts to maintain was able to maintain the status quo. But the fragile peace was broken by an invasion from the other universe race, they use wormhole technology came to this galaxy, galactic war began to set off a new round.

Game Features
  •     Wide galaxy with over 20 solar systems and 3D animated planets
  •     100 unique 3D space stations and more than 30 ships can be equipped with 3D spaceship
  •     Unique call and diplomatic
  •     Free mode game based on the story and mission
  •     More than 170 various types of trade goods of the economic system
  •     Dangerous active asteroid mining area
  •     Combination of high-quality music, voice playback (English) and 3D sound
 Download Galaxy On Fire 2 v.1.0.3 Android
Galaxy On Fire 2 v.1.0.3 Apk Full
Size:  200  MB
Required android: 2.2 and up
  • Install apk and put data on Sdcard\android\data\
  • Play the game

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