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Free Download Fairway Solitaire Mod v1.88.0 Apk + Data

Game View;
Fairway Solitaire byBigFish "is a chess game, a big laugh together experienced hamster humorous story, he's filled with disdain, he let all golfers homing whimsy! Beach with palm trees from the stadium to downtown the hustle and bustle of the city stadium lights, you have to stare at a good prize, beware ubiquitous hamster. With the least number of steps clear deck, striving for the best results, do not forget there plus hit! Whether higher than two or less than three, you can laugh, completely ignoring the court was quiet!

Game Features;
  •     Scene fresh, beautiful screen, a new interpretation of the classic play
  •     Commentary cheerful, pleasant voice, to bring players to experience first-class
  •     Fill the table winning golf golf currency
  •     Looking for lawn equipment hardcore brand increased pockets
  •     Pay attention to the water hazard, wedges, Luancao zone: all in a test of your skills!
  •     Money can buy a golf irons, or fill the pockets!
Download Fairway Solitaire Mod v1.88.0 Android
Fairway Solitaire Mod v1.88.0 Apk + Data
Size:170  MB
Required android: 2.1 and up
  • Download all files below
  • Install apk
  • Put data on Sdcard\android\obb\
  • Play the game

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