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CalDAV-Sync beta apk download 0.3.2 free full Android cracked

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CalDAV-Sync beta apk download 0.3.2 full free kostenlos Android cracked

Download  CalDAV-Sync beta apk heute gratis.
Bei uns bekommt ihr die qualitativ hochwertige App CalDAV-Sync beta kostenlos.

Dabei handelt es sich um die full Version und nicht um eine free Version.

Die Apk Datei zum Download  und die falls notwendigen Daten findet ihr unten im Artikel. 

Appname: CalDAV-Sync beta
2.2 oder höher Appversion: 0.3.2
Kategorie: Effizienz Größe: 663k


CalDAV-Sync is a CalDAV client for Android to synchronize events and tasks. Due to its implementation as sync adapter it integrates seamlessly with the native calendar app and widgets.(Also check out CardDAV-Sync)

To get task support, please install this task app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dmfs.tasks

Important note for Android 4.1 and Samsung Galaxy S4 users: To prevent the removal of your accounts on reboot install this app:
Although this issue seems to be fixed in Android 4.2 the workaround is still required on Samsung S4 devices.

This app will create new calendars on your device (one for each calendar on your server account)

Get support and news via Twitter https://twitter.com/dmfs_org

Please send me an email if you find a bug. Without detailed error description I often can't do anything especially when I can't reproduce it. It's also possible that your server has a bug that CalDAV-Sync can not (yet) tolerate or work around. If you report bugs I can fix them quickly and everyone will benefit.

This app is in beta state. This means: It works quite well but a few features may still be missing.
It is tested and works with
- DAViCal
- SOGo
- Zimbra
- OSX/iCal Server
- eGroupware
- Oracle Beehive
- david.fx
- iCloud
- ownCloud
- many more, see http://dmfs.org/wiki/ for a list of all servers reported to work

Note to Yahoo!® users: Due to the many issues on Yahoo!'s servers, Yahoo! is no longer officially supported by this app.

After the installation got to "Settings" > "Accounts & Sync" and create a new Account.

The calendar app on the screen shots is not part of this app.
If there is no calendar installed on your device, go to my website and install CalendarProvider.apk and Calendar.apk (FroYo and Gingerbread only)

Once this app reaches version 1.0, I'll make it open source.
See http://dmfs.org/wiki/index.php?title=Open_source_status for details on the open source status.


* task support (you'll need this task app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dmfs.tasks)
* basic support for self-signed certificates
* supports SNI (needs Android 2.3 and newer)
* any number of CalDAV-accounts supported
* automatic calendar discovery (works for most servers)
* auto-provisioning
* syncs multiple alarms
* loads calendar colors from servers if available
* two-way-sync
* sync multiple calendars per account
* full support for time zones
* encrypts passwords in local database
* Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish translations


Neue Funktionen

Neue Funktionen in dieser Version:

Please send me an email instead of writing a comment if something does not work. Also, please check if you need the workaround app (see the app description).
- new in 0.3.2
fix another issue with Synology
add Polish translation - thanks Krzysztof/cyberlabs.pl
- new in 0.3.1
fix calendar discovery
- new in 0.3
Support for tasks. To benefit from this new feature, please install this task app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dmfs.tasks


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CalDAV-Sync beta apk download 0.3.2 full free kostenlos Android cracked


CalDAV-Sync beta 93%1102 votes.

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Maximilian Müller 10 Jul, 2013

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