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AndroIRC 4.0 beta1

AndroIRC is an IRC client which can connect to several server (secured or not) at the same time.

Release Note: Premium features unlocked
Minimum Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up

- mIRC colors
- auto join channels on startup
- nickserv auth
- Android notifications
- copy & paste
- logging
- sasl auth (plain and blowfish)
- Multiple servers connections (SSL support)
- Easy access menu to kick, ban, change privileges…
- FiSH support (needs Android 2.3 or above)
- Tablet support
- SSL certificate support
- /Ignore support
- Nick and channels completion
- Shortcuts
- Handle irc:// links
- And much more!

Verizon user: Verizon blocks IRC over 3G. You won't be able to use AndroIRC, nor any other IRC client, over 3G, you will need to use WiFi. It's not a bug! If you want to use IRC over 3G, I suggest you to use an SSH Tunnel, see here : http://code.google.com/p/sshtunnel/ (thanks Daryl !). Many users have also reported that using SSL bypass the Verizon filtering! Thanks everyone!

A new premium AndroIRC app is available on the market. Installing this app will disable ads on AndroIRC, and will help us paying our servers!

Starting with AndroIRC 3.2, a new permission is required to get access to your location. This is *only* for the new action "Share my location" and nothing else! Moreover, AndroIRC *does not* have access to a precise position (given by GPS), but only to an approximate one (given by the network).

What's New in this version:
Major Fixed lag on ICS+
reduced RAM usage when opening a lot of channels / servers
reduced RAM usage when a channel was opened for a long time
various bugs fix
Possible issue with NickServ auto-authentication

AndroIRC Screenshots:

if you enjoy this application please consider buying the original pro version from market to support the development

Download AndroIRC 4.0 beta1


DeadTimeX 17 Jul, 2013

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