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Windows Phone Notifications + 5.5 (Android)

Windows Phone Notifications + 5.5 (Android)

Windows Phone Notifications + 5.5 APK (Android)
Windows Phone Notifications displays Windows Phone styled non-intrusive notification banners for any app on your device.

Minimum Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up
Price: $2.49
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You can swipe the notification to the right to dismiss it, to the left to dismiss all notifications, or click it to launch it.

You can set a custom colors for any app.

What's New in this version:
- Updated with WP8 accents
- Banners are now grouped, display and count will now be updated when receiving a similar notification, timeout will be extended
- Now when actions are available, long-click the banner to display a detailled view
- Removed the scrolling text feature as it interferes with swiping and doesn't fit with Android standards
- Added hebrew translation by elyashiv_sabach
- Added portuguese translation by doublecaffe
- Added brazilian portuguese translation by marciozomb13

Windows Phone Notifications + Screenshots:

Download: Windows Phone Notifications + 5.5 (Android)

Required permissions:

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