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The Tribloos 2 v2.1 (Android APK)

The Tribloos 2 v2.1 (Android APK)

The Tribloos 2 v2.1 (Android APK)
Trey and the gang return with an exciting new story! Terrible storms are approaching and Matilda, Trey�s Dragon friend, is getting very tired of blowing them away each time. Trey and his friends Brainy and Tuff decide to do something about it and go on a journey to find out who�s behind these storms once and for all.

Minimum Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up
Price: $3.07
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The Tribloos 2 The highly anticipated mobile version of the hit time management game

You�ll travel far away from Tribloo Island, visiting exotic new locations,
above the clouds, beneath the oceans and also get to pilot a Tribloo
Airship! Uncover the mystery of strange devices left over from an ancient
civilization and save your home.

Tribloos 2 features 75 brand new campaign levels, 5 completely different
bonus levels and if you�re bonkers for building you�ll love the 15
additional challenge levels!

Time Management Mayhem at its best!

Features and stuff

Here are a few things that we think are cool about The Tribloos 2

a. 75 Campaign Levels
b. 5 Unique Bonus Levels
c. 15 Challenge Levels
d. Over 20 minutes of original music!
e. Amazing painted artwork by talented game artist veteran John Dunn

5 Reasons why you should get The Tribloos 2

1 – You don't need to play the first ONE to play this one (trust me, it's
much better looking!)
2 – It was made by TWO (point five) country bumpkins in England
3 – The Tribloos 2 will make you THREE times more intelligent *
4 – FOUR Point Five stars (out of Five) is the average rating by review
sites (for the PC version anyway)
5 – If you don't believe us check out the FIVE review quotes at the bottom
of the description!

* – we lied about number three. But it does help teach the awesome "science"
of critical path management!

What's New in this version:
No recent changes information

The Tribloos 2 Gameplay Trailer:

The Tribloos 2 Gameplay Screenshots:

if you enjoy playing this management game please consider buying the original pro version from market to support the development

Download The Tribloos 2 v2.1 (Android APK)


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