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Solid Explorer (Trial) 1.4.6

  • Solid Explorer is a file manager with two independent panels which brings to you a new file browsing experience. This is the most attractive, eye catching and intuitive file manager for the Android.

    Main features:
    1. Two independent panels for browsing
    2. Drag and Drop inside and between panels
    3. FTP, SFTP, WebDav and SMB/CIFS clients
    4. File sharing via FTP
    5. Support for ZIP, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2 and RAR archives
    6. Creating ZIP and TAR archives
    7. Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive, Sugarsync, Owncloud, Yandex (more soon)
    9. Root access
    10. Indexed search
    11. Detailed file and directory information

    You can learn about planned features in the 'About' section.

    Beta builds can be found here:


    THIS IS A 14-DAY TRIAL. In order to continue using the app after this period, purchase the Solid Explorer Unlocker, but first make sure you are fully satisfied with it.


    I want to thank all the beta testers, especially from the xda-developers forum and the people who took part in the translation project. Without you it would never come out of the beta stage. Thank you!


    If you want to take part in translation, have a look here:

    Screenshots of Solid Explorer (Trial) 1.4.6 Android app
  • What's new in Solid Explorer (Trial) 1.4.6
    • fixed file sharing in AP mode
    • fixed bottom bar layout on full hd screens
    • fixed disappearing file list on Gingerbread
    • fixed occasional problems with file copy
    • fixed most frequent crashes reported by users
    • updated translations
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