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ServiiGo 2.3.3 Mod (Android)

ServiiGo 2.3.3 Mod (Android)

ServiiGo 2.3.3 Mod APK (Android)
ServiiGo lets you browse and stream all the media stored on your Serviio server to your android device.

Minimum Requirements: Android OS Varies with device
Release Note: Pro features unlocked
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Note: ServiiGo requires Serviio PRO

Unlike DLNA based apps, ServiiGo uses a new API built into Serviio PRO v1.2 that works over the internet as well as at home. This means you can now access all your media using 3G/4G mobile networks and WiFi hotspots away from home.

Designed with small phones up to large tablets in mind, and optimised to work with the way that Serviio delivers content, ServiiGo is the way to access your media on the go.

Have a problem/request/question?
Please email me before posting a comment, I will always try to help find a solution.

ServiiGo requires Serviio PRO v1.2 or greater which you can download from serviio.org

You will get a free 15 day evaluation license for Serviio PRO during which time you can evaluate Serviio PRO and ServiiGo. After that period you will need to purchase a Serviio PRO license as the API that ServiiGo uses is only available in the PRO edition of Serviio.

ServiiGo is not affiliated with Serviio in any way.

ServiiGo Features
Browse the content of your Serviio server from your android device at home or away using either WiFi or 3G/4G
Special views for images, movies, tv shows, albums etc…
Quickly navigate around using the slide out menu
Play music using the built in Music Player
Swipable full screen image slideshow with pinch and zoom for viewing your photos
Playback videos in the external player of your choice (e.g. MX Player)
Integrated with TMDb for extra online metadata for your movies (+)
Integrated with TheTVDB for extra online metadata for your tv shows (+)
High resolution artwork from music files when available (Android 2.3.3 and up) (+)
Unrestricted music caching (+)
Widgets for controlling the Music Player (+)
Set an image as your wallpaper (+)

This is a free and ad supported version which lacks the features marked with a (+). If you like ServiiGo and find it useful, please considering buying 'ServiiGo Donate Key' as a way to say thank you and support future development. As a bonus, the ads will be removed and you will gain access to the extra features. In the future I plan on adding more features to both versions.

What's New in this version:
Removed support for Serviio 1.1, minimum version is now 1.2
Added a custom expanded notifcation (JB+)
Improved handling of server restarts by automatically starting a new session (#53)
Switched to TMDb API v3
Added support for SSL (Requires Apache/Stunnel etc…)
Improved handling of connection problems/server errors
Updated Drawer (slide out menu) to match new design guidelines
Lots of other internal improvements/optimisations/fixes
Updated translations
Updated libraries

Download ServiiGo 2.3.3 Mod (Android)


Required permissions:

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