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Guitar Jam Tracks Scale Buddy v1.9.1 – Android (APK File)

Guitar Jam Tracks Scale Buddy v1.9.1 – Android (APK File)


Description :
Join our growing family of 250,000+ users worldwide this award winning app includes five essential styles for mastering your guitar, rock, acoustic blues, humbucker blues, jazz, reggae.

Makes Learning Guitar Fun :
Practice jamming, learning the pentatonic scale and soloing to 5 great sounding jam tracks right from your android device, our easy to read scale charts show you exactly where to put your fingers to start sounding like a pro. See for yourself why thousands of guitarists love our jam track apps.

Ninebuzz Awards And Highlights :
- Guitar world top 15 guitar apps .
- Gizmodo best apps of the week .
- Ik multimedia makers of amplitube and iklip app of the week .
- Premier guitar pocket power tools .
- Apple featured what's hot .
- Appadvice you will be anxious to practice your chords and scales.
- Iphoneappcafe top 5 apps for guitarists.

Keys Includeda :
- A major and a minor.
- B major and b minor.
- C major and c minor.
- D major and d minor.
- E major and e minor.
- F major and f minor.
- G major and g minor.

Styles Included :
- Acoustic Blues
- Humbucker Blues
- Jazz
- Reggae
- Rock

Scales Included :
- Major pentatonic.
- Minor pentatonic.

How It Works :
- Pick a key to start playing the track.
- Tap chords to see what chords are being played rhythm.
- Tap scales to see the scale charts for that key lead.

Change The Style At Any Time :
Practice Tips :
Learn the chord progression for each track, and then jump over to practicing scales. Guess what? There are only 5 shapes of the pentatonic scale to memorize once you know them up and down, learn where they start for each key. Soon, you will be able to solo like a pro. Gain more versatility by playing in different modes major and minor and blues major and blues minor too.

What Is The Pentatonic Scale?
It simply means 5 note scale. It is widely used in virtually every style of music, and is one of the most important scales a guitarist can learn. There are 5 shapes, or finger patterns, to memorize. These never change; only the starting position changes for each key. Once you learn one key, the rest will come easy.

Tips For The Scale Charts :
- Black dots are regular notes.
- Red dots are root notes. These are notes of the key you are in.
- Blue dots are passing notes. Including these notes puts you in a blues mode.

Practice Scales With Ease :
Major and minor pentatonic scale charts are included for every key. We show you where to put your fingers just start playing a track, load up the scales and go you are instantly jamming with the band.

For Rhythm And Lead Players :
Every track has a listing of chords that are used in the track, along with scale charts practice rhythm or lead with ease.

A Great Investment :
You will get hours and hours of use out of this little app. Practicing guitar should not be boring download this app today and make practice fun.

It's So Easy To Use :
We created the simplest, fastest and most enjoyable way to practice guitar on a mobile device. Just tap a key and hit play.

Build Confidence :
Practicing your scales is the best way to get comfortable with the fretboard. Once your learn the 5 different shapes of the pentatonic scale in every key, you will be able to play along and solo to nearly any song.

What's In This Version : (Updated : May 30, 2013)
- Left handed scales.
- New in app store.
- new scale Major ionian and minor aeolian added to rock track.
- Style randomizer free with facebook like see more tab.
- Fixed bug with expansion pack download. Since the main expansion pack is large 250mb we now break it apart into 5 separate parts, so the downloads should no longer fail.
- Fixed bug where chords used would not show up for some users after purchasing garage rock in app.

Required Android O/S : 2.0+

Download :
http://www.filesbowl.com/2jKy/Guitar-Jam-Tracks-Scale-Buddy-v1.9.1-( ).apk

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