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GLWG:All Out War apk download 1.3 free full Android cracked

GLWG:All Out War apk download 1.3 full free kostenlos Android cracked

GLWG:All Out War
Download  GLWG:All Out War apk heute gratis.
Bei uns bekommt ihr die qualitativ hochwertige App GLWG:All Out War kostenlos.

Dabei handelt es sich um die full Version und nicht um eine free Version.

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Appname: GLWG:All Out War
2.2 oder höher Appversion: 1.3
Kategorie: Arcade & Action Größe: 19 Mb


★ The parent game is officially one of the best strategy games ever made!

All Out War is another exciting episode of the critically acclaimed 3D turn-based strategy game "Great Little War Game". Retaining the in-depth gameplay, humour, comical style and graphical excellence of the original game.

Please note that this is not a sequel but a stripped down version of the original game, designed just to allow play of these two extra campaigns. If you don't already own the main game, we recommend you look at that first as it contains more general features and a gentler introduction to the gameplay.

Warning: These levels are fiendishly challenging!

Core Features:
�?� Campaign mode
�?� Four difficulty settings
�?� Lush visuals
�?� Full 3D terrain affects gameplay
�?� Simple control method
�?� Lots of units
�?� Lots of terrain types
�?� High replayability
�?� Tons of humour

Take control of numerous different military units over air, sea and land to pulverise the enemy into submission. There are 2 new campaigns to test yourself against "All Out War" and "Holiday From Hell", both of which will push you and your men to the limit (and possibly give Generalissimo a nice quiet holiday).

You have to battle through desert, jungle, temperate and Arctic conditions to keep your general safe, which is no mean feat given where he likes to take a holiday...
So take control of your men, lead them to a glorious victory and then maybe sit down and have a cup of tea.


Neue Funktionen

Neue Funktionen in dieser Version:

1.3 : Numerous generic bug fixes + JellyBean fixes.
Fix for very slow rendering on some devices.


5 Sterne   2.881
4 Sterne   1.026
3 Sterne   134
2 Sterne   24
1 Stern   43

Durchschnittliche Bewertung




GLWG:All Out War apk download 1.3 full free kostenlos Android cracked


GLWG:All Out War 94%1275 votes.

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