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ARLiberator for AppRadio v2.51 (Android APK)

ARLiberator for AppRadio v2.51 (Android APK)

ARLiberator for AppRadio v2.51 (Android APK)
ARLiberator gives you full control of your Android phone on an AppRadio2. Use any app on your AppRadio. Multitouch and button presses are taken in from bluetooth and piped into low level Linux drivers. Because of this, root access is required.

Minimum Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up
Price: $34.99
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What users are saying:
I bought the radio just to use this app and am glad i did. 10000x better than the $1,200 Kenwood it replaced.
- Brandon Holley

Makes the Appradio everything it should be. Great support from the developer. Would recommend to anyone with the Appradio!
- Bill Pryor

How the appradio should of been out the box!
- Ronnie Myers

You can set up ARLiberator to launch your favorite music player. Then, use your steering wheel controls to change songs. You can even use the GPS from the AppRadio instead of your phone's GPS. ARLiberator integrates with Screen Standby to completely turn off your screen while keeping HDMI output. This helps to conserve battery or help the phone charge faster.

You can stream audio from anywhere on the internet. Make and take phone calls right on your car stereo. Find the cheapest gas prices while rocking out to Pandora. There are no restrictions. Just use the app carefully and lawfully. You are responsible for your actions while using this app.

If you have questions about ARLiberator or the AppRadio in general you can find a lot of information in the FAQ on AppRadioForums.com:
The FAQ is a good read and full of information on the AppRadio. Thanks to Naboleo on the forums for putting it together.

It requires root access and a phone compatible with AppRadio2. Do not purchase this if you do not have root access. People at http://goo.gl/fLKA7 can help you with rooting your phone. Do not purchase this if your phone does not work with the manufacturer's application.

All updates are free. Purchasing it once lets you install it on all the devices you own and any devices you own in the future.

The following features are supported:

- Multitouch
- GPS (turn on mock locations)
- Steering wheel and pop up menu buttons (in any app)
- Hard buttons on AppRadio
- Automatically detects AppRadio
- Automatic volume control
- Automatically start and stop car mode
- Exit to AppRadio home screen
- Phone screen turn off
- Puts any app in landscape mode. (Even apps that don't support it)
- Start at boot

I am currently working on supporting the newer stereos such as the AVH-8500BHS. You can find the ongoing discussion regarding this here: http://goo.gl/KYpCb I have done a lot of development to support these models but the support is still in a beta stage. You can see what other users are reporting on the forums.

It seems people think this is a suggestion. Just to be clear:

Users have reported issues with Xperia models of phones. If you own one of these phone plan on testing it in the first 10 minutes after buying it so you can easily get a refund if it does not work.

There is lots of information at http://goo.gl/fLKA7. People there can help you with rooting your phone and answer any questions you have about ARLiberator or the AppRadio. There you can request new features. Get help from the developer directly and try out beta releases before they are posted to Google Play.

Because this app uses non-standard parts of the Android operating system and interacts with low level Linux APIs it is possible that not every phone will work. Please contact me, the developer. I will personally work with you as I have with many other people.

There are known issues with some Xperia devices. You are welcome to purchase the app if you own one of these devices but you may end up requesting a refund.

AppRadio is a registered trademark of Pioneer.
This application is not affiliated or endorsed by Pioneer.
By purchasing this app you agree not to use it in any way that impairs your ability to drive.

What's New in this version:
V 2.5
Added diagnostics feature
Added beta support for new radios
Bugfixes and stability improvements
New languages
UI changes and suggestions from user feedback

ARLiberator for AppRadio Trailer:

ARLiberator for AppRadio App Screenshots:

if you find this application useful please consider buying the original pro version from market to support the development

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