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Android Tuner Apk Download

Android Tuner Apk Download

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Current Version:
Demands Android: two.1 and also up
Category: Tools
v0.9.7.6 update:
Ability to get rid of Android electric battery notice icon (demands Xposed framework) – Not for undoubtedly themed power icon
Japanese interpretation
Fix corrupted data venue on top of fresh setting up
Widget and additionally theme settings access upon Android two.three.x and also lower
… see information in application for every one of the details
Must you experience problems, kindly don't article a bad article, rather send a support request from software setup describing your issue, I can help you.
♦♦ PLEASE TRY ANDROID TUNER COMPLIMENTARY FIRST: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ccc71.at.free
☺ This is certainly the merging (and also a lot more) of 3 TOP-50 paid apps: Power Track Widget, System Tuner and additionally Multiple Toggle Widget ☺
☺ Replaces 20+ apps quickly worth 30€ or more ☺
☺ App screenshots: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/106924681632471871369/albums/5847246963462398833
☺ Particular Offer : http://www.3c71.com/android/?q=node/932
☺ Ideal on rooted telephones, works well on stock telephones also.
◊ Even more about permissions requested: http://www.3c71.com/android/?q=node/924
♦♦ Feature package (some need core access, try free adaptation first) ♦♦
► Register explorer ***
◊ Access /information or perhaps any sort of folders on top of rooted equipment
◊ Computerized batch copy/paste, zip, delete, move of data and folders
◊ Change files/folders permissions and ownership
◊ See, modify, share and also stream data
◊ Access all your valuable network shares
► Application manager ***
◊ Computerized batch for just about any of the following actions
◊ Backups software as well as its data/settings (automated, multiple versions)
◊ System application uninstaller and also update cleanser
◊ Sharing (e-mail, bluetooth, dropbox, google drive, etc)
◊ Moving just about any apps to user, system, SD or link2SD
◊ Freeze/unfreeze any apps
◊ Zip align, evident cache, fix permissions and additionally terminate any sort of apps
◊ App notice disabler on top of JB+
◊ Start-up/event manager enable/disable any components (activities, professional services, receivers)
◊ Usage and additionally standby studies (discover app emptying your battery)
◊ Back-up and restore text messages and call-log
◊ Plan backups and additionally seo optimization
◊ Wipe dalvik-cache, clear Android cache
► Network manager
◊ Track WiFi and also cell phone tells
◊ Package WiFi access aim priority
◊ Configure Android firewall *
► Task executive
◊ Check CPU, network and additionally memory use
◊ Kill or force-stop just about any apps or kernel procedures
◊ Automatic task killer, memory enhancer, memory cleaner
► System Control *** ****
◊ CPU governor, regularity, voltage, GPU controls
◊ Build.prop and also sysctl editor (basic and advanced mode)
◊ Increase, analyze and benchmark SD cards
◊ Optimize applications and their databases
◊ Android memory executive control
◊ fsync, sweep2wake and fast charge control
◊ Dependable control: restore defaults from software or perhaps CWM and also restore CPU setup on boot-loop
► System Spying
◊ Each of the Android applications or all of the procedures, battery, CPU, network, memory
◊ Component states (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, Phone, APN)
► Power Saving ***
◊ Turn off WiFi, BT, GPS, 3G or perhaps lower CPU frequencies during the course of standby/screen-off
◊ Memory booster and additionally task cleanser
► Notifications in standing bar
◊ Power supply, cpu, memory, sd, heat optionally with pictures in drop-down
► Highly Configurable Widgets
◊ 1×1 manuskript widgets
◊ 2×1 text widgets (Professional ONLY)
◊ 2×1-5×2 visual widgets (Professional ONLY)
◊ 1×1 toggle widgets ***
◊ 4×1 toggle widgets *** (Professional ONLY)
◊ 4×4 overview widgets, functions in four.2 lock-screen (Professional ONLY)
► Port Emulator & Script Editor
◊ Require history
◊ Run or perhaps test any sort of scripts, optionally on boot
◊ Share scripts, instructions and also outputs
► System Logs Subscriber
◊ Logcat visitor **
◊ Kernel communications (dmsg, kmsg) *
◊ Advanced filtering and Google
and also much more which meets the eyes ☺
* Requires root
** Requires core on top of Android 4.1+
*** Requires root for full feature
**** Depends on top of Kernel support

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Download :
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